Our Patients Receive the Gold Standard in Follow-up Care

Through Force Therapeutics, our patients have access to high quality, clinically-validated remote care.

Founded in 2010, Force Therapeutics is a powerful, episode-based virtual care platform that helps our orthopedic surgeons educate, monitor, and stay connected to their patients once they leave the surgery center’s walls.

Up to 90% of patient care happens outside the surgery center – which makes effective episodic care management critical. Force’s platform leverages video and digital connections to directly engage patients every step of the way, reducing variation and achieving better outcomes.

Force Therapeutics is the gold standard for care delivery, designed by a team of clinicians who deeply understand patients’ recovery needs and goals. The system intelligently guides both providers and patients through an evidence-based virtual care journey.

Advanced Center for Joint Surgery is proud to offer this state-of-the-art delivery platform to our patients.

The connective solution for valuable care.