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Right in your backyard is one of the top joint replacement facilities in the nation

by Michael Gottsman, MD

Hip arthritis can be debilitating. Quality of life seems to decrease slowly over time and dysfunction seems to increase. Once it is determined that an arthritic hip is the cause of the pain, every effort is made to maintain quality of life without surgery. Once these non-operative options stop offering enough relief, the great news is hip replacement is a highly successful operation to return quality of life and improve function.

Anterior hip replacement is an advanced technique with many advantages. Faster recovery, smaller incision with less tissue damage, more accurate positioning of components, and lower risk of dislocation compared to standard approaches. These differences matter in both the short-term and long-term success of a hip replacement.

Even better news is that nationally-recognized hospital rating organization, DEXUR, ranked Northside Hospital Forsyth #1 in the Nation for lowest length of stay, #1 in Georgia for most experience, and #1 in Georgia for the lowest readmission rate.

What does this mean?
Right in your backyard is one of the top joint replacement facilities in the nation. When the decision involves your body, your health, and your quality of life, choosing the most experience matters.

Arthritis and Total Joint Specialists is here to take care of you and help you navigate a complex process. Our goal is to get you back to living life.

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